1966 Morgan For Sale With Cosworth BDA Formula Atlantic Racing Engine


I am selling a dark blue 1966 Morgan 4/4 that has a Cosworth BDA racing engine built by Hasselgren Engineering.

This is a right hand drive (steering wheel is on the right), hand built British convertible 2 door coupe. This Morgan is a 2 seater with a black leather interior and both types of black leather tops.

This little handmade British car is tons of fun to drive. It is like a gocart in a tuxedo. The Cosworth BDA is a Formula Atlantic racing engine based off of the Ford 1600cc DOHC engine with dual side draft 48DCOE Webber carbs. This car can go. 

Morgan automobiles have been made in England since 1909. The cars are hand made with an Ash (wooden) frame. This Morgan began life as a Series V 4/4. The series V were built between 1963 and 1968 with a grand total of 639 series V 4/4’s being built. This car has been upgraded to the 1600cc Ford Cosworth Motor.

It is a right-hand driver with a long first gear. The dyno puts it at just under 200hp at 8,000 rpm. 

This Morgan 4/4 was featured in the low budget horror film “Devil’s Moon”.  I have owned it for the past 7 years, and brought it here from Los Angeles in 2014…

In 2012 I had a refurbished Gas Tank installed, and the whole thing gone over and tuned up. I just recently had the carburetors rebuilt, the clutch master and slave cylinder rebuilt, a new fuel pump installed and a major tune up. It runs great and is ready for someone to have fun with.

If you are interested in owning this unique little British racer, contact me via the form below.

This Car Has Been Sold