Dunhill Nightcap – The Grand daddy of English Blends

In some circles in the pipe aficionado community, you aren’t considered a real pipe smoker unless you smoke English blends exclusively. this is ridiculous. This is the equivalent to someone saying you aren’t a real man unless you eat meat, and nothing else.

Sometimes you want something different, sometimes you want something sweet. Steak is great for dinner, but sometimes you want cheesecake for desert.

Dunhill-Nightcap-1Of course, you still want steak for dinner. That is what Dunhill Nightcap is. It is a big, juicy, grilled hunk of prime cut beef.

I’ll be honest when I say Dunhill Nightcap is my go to smoke. I order this stuff by the pound. I have bought it by the tin, but I really cant tell the difference between the tin and the bulk. some folks swear the tin is better. I guess if you don’t smoke it often, of don’t mind paying triple, the tin is the way to go, but i buy it in bulk.

For this that don’t know what I am talking about when I call Dunhill Nightcap an English Blend, I will explain: England used to have Tobacco purity laws. these law prohibited blenders from adding things to tobacco like flavorings. As a result, Tobaccoria’s in England would adjust the flavor of tobaccos by using different types of tobacco cured with different processes to adjust the flavor. Tobaccos like Latakia’s became prevalent, and added a distinct flavor.

Latakia tobaccos come from the Balkans, so many pipe smokers prefer to call latakia heavy tobaccos “Balkan Blends”, I don’t.

Dunhill Nightcap is a blend of Virginias, Oriental’s, Latakia’s, and Perique’s. The Virginias give it a smooth texture, while the Latakia adds a bitter, vinegar flavor. the Perique throws in some spice for good measure. This may not sound particularly appetizing, but the blend gives a unique flavor that is pure smoking joy.

Granted, if you have never smoked an English blend, Dunhill Nightcap may be a bit strong for you. Some people may find the room note a bit offensive. This isn’t a smoke for the pipe smoker that prefers fruity, pleasant smelling smokes. However, if you started smoking a pipe as a classy alternative to cigarettes, and the fruity stuff leaves you longing for a strong tobacco, then Nightcap may be what you crave.

Dunhill Nightcap is a strong tobacco for lovers of English blends, and lovers of Latakia. It may be a blend that the average aromatic smoker would not like, or would at least need to work up to. If you have never had an English Blend, you may want to start off with something milder like C&B’s Epiphany, but if you love English, and you love the bitter flavors of Latakia, nothing beats Dunhill Nightcap.