Frog Morton Pipe Tobacco Review

I am becoming a big fan of Latakia blends. Frog Morton is an English blend with a heavy Latakia presence. However, it is also very subtle. This isn’t the type of “in your face” Latakia that you get from something like Pirate Kake.

frog-morton-pipe-tobaccoFrog Morton actually reminds me a lot of Lane’s Crown Achievement in a simpler, maybe more pure form. Most English blends tend to lean heavy on the Oriental tobacco’s. Unlike those, Frog Morton is a simple blend of Latakia, and Virginia’s. The Cyprian Latakia provides a rich, smoky flavor that any true latakia fan will love, and the Virginia’s bring a simple, mellow feel that takes this the intensity of the Latakia down a notch.

If you are new to English Blends, then Frog Morton may be a good place to start. Many people first get into smoking a pipe using aromatics. There is nothing wrong with that, and I like a good aromatic myself. Blends like Molto Dulce, 7 Seas Black, and Moontrance have a permanent place in my rotation, but I love a good English blend.

A lot of people think that because English blends are “unflavored”, they must be bland. Still others think that unflavored tobacco’s must be harsh. Neither of these is the case.

Frog Morton is a rich, smoky flavored tobacco with a smooth finish, and pleasant after taste. It is a strong, yet not overpowering smoke. It is a manly smoke. It is not a fruity, potpourri smoke. This doesn’t smell or taste like incense. It smells, and tastes like a rustic, adventurous tobacco.

Whether you are new to smoking a pipe, or been doing it for years, Frog Morton is a great tasting English blend tobacco that you owe it to yourself to try. Pick up a tin, pack up a bowl, and enjoy.