The Joy and Freedom of Sailing – A Classy Pastime

The freedom to get away from it all. Be in unspoiled nature, and enjoy the fresh air. Some people go RV’ing. But for a truly Classy experience, we recommend Sailing. Sailboats today are like floating RVs. The have all the amenities you desire: Fridge, stove, bathroom, and bunks. Most nice sailboats have TV’s and AC. They are comfortable for the weekend adventure, and as a back up place to live for extended periods.

classy-sailing-2Mankind and Sailing

Much of the society that we rely on today came about by mankind’s mastery of the wind. The Egyptians brought the building blocks for the pyramids down the Nile on sailboats. The Vikings changed the face of Europe with their sailboats. Columbus discovered America in a sailboat. Blackbeard made his fortune with the winds at his back.

These days, sailing is seen as an eccentric activity for the wealthy. This is likely due to the slow movement of a sailboat. Let’s face it, if you are trying to get someplace by water in a hurry, a sailboat is not your best option.

Benefits of Sailing

If you own a sailboat, or are thinking of getting one, look into joining your local yacht club. Although many yacht clubs offer membership by invite only, the private clubs are both a great way to learn about boating and a good networking opportunity. They usually have a lounge, and regular get togethers as well as sailing events.

In addition to being a fun activity, weekend getaway, and networking opportunity (sailors are known for their comradery), sailboats are also an excellent “bug out vehicle” if you live in a coastal area. As we all know, the threat of civil breakdown due to natural or manmade disaster is all too real. With a sailboat, you can get away from urban centers and not have to worry about refueling. You will also be directly on the biggest food source mankind has ever known. The sea is both a highway, and a food supply that you would be wise to take advantage of.

classy-sailingTips for choosing a Sailboat

The size of the sailboat you are looking for really depends on the comfort you would like, and how many people will be sailing with you. If you plan on doing bluewater sailing (open seas, like sailing the carribean, or across the ocean) then you shouldn’t go any smaller then 30 ft. However if you only plan on doing coastal sailing a 25 – 30 ft sailboat may be best for you. Another thing to factor in purchasing a sailboat is storage and insurance. Most harbors charge by the foot for a slip to park your boat in. Needless to say, the bigger the sailboat, the more it will cost to store it. Also, some insurance companies have a limit to how long a sailboat they will write policies for. If you are looking to save a bit of cash by bundling your watercraft insurance with your home and auto policies, it many benefit you to check with your agent before you make a purchase. I spoke with my insurance agent (Blake Chapman of State Insurance) recently about proper coverage for a sailboat, and he recommended a standard watercraft policy as well as liability coverage (to cover anything from fuel spills, to injuries of guests on my sailboa