Maple Street Pipe Tobacco Review

maple-street-5My friend recommended Sutliff Private Stock Maple Street to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I do like rum, and this stuff says it is a “quality mixture with flavorful maple & old rum”.

Behind the scenes, Maple Street is a blend of bright Virginia, and white Burley. The maple flavor is very evident in the taste, and aroma. The tin note is out of this world, and the room note is even better. I was smoking this at a bar the other day, and I had several people compliment the aroma, and ask me what it was. I have also found that Maple Street has a strong maple lingering note. I can still smell maple on my clothes after I have finished my pipe.

Maple Street has a great flavor even when unlit. You can pack your pipe with this aromatic tobacco, and take clean drags off of the unlit pipe, and enjoy the flavor. This is good for when you are in place that you can lite up.

maple-street-7The flavor of Maple Street once it is lit is also exceptional. I have tried a bunch of aromatic blends recently that were very subtle. Some of them were, in my opinion, to subtle. They were the equivalent of smoking an ultra light cigarette. I like to taste my tobacco, and with Maple Street, you can taste it. However, it is not a tobacco taste. It is a sweet maple flavor with a bit of spiced rum on top. Virginia’s usually still give a good tobacco flavor, but if it is in Maple Street, it is drowned out by the maple.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Maple Street, and it is a tobacco that I feel like I will keep on hand. This is the type of tobacco that is great to smoke at a gathering. Almost everyone will enjoy the room note, and you will enjoy the flavor.