Moontrance Pipe Tobacco Review

Moontrance pipe tobacco is based on CAO’s cigar of the same name (or so I am told). I haven’t tried the cigar. I have never been a big fan of flavored cigars. On the other hand, I do enjoy a nice aromatic pipe blend.

moontrance pipe tobaccoMoontrance pipe tobacco is a blend of Virginia and black Cavendish tobacco’s with a bit of flavoring from “exotic fruit”, and bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

The aroma of this tobacco straight out of the tin is exceptional. There is an earthy undertone that is overpowered by the pleasant Bourbon vanilla. When smoking the Moontrance pipe tobacco blend there is a sweet and woody room note with hints of that bourbon and vanilla that everyone around is sure to enjoy.

Unlike a lot of aromatics I’ve tried recently, the tobacco flavor really comes through on Moontrance. It is most likely the Virginia that sets this off, and it is defiantly a pleasant surprise. I have really been enjoying English blends recently, and although I still like aromatics, many times I find them to not have enough tobacco flavor. Not so with this blend. There is just the right amount of sweet flavorings, and good tobacco flavorings to make this my favorite aromatic at the moment.

I have recently picked up a sampler pack of some very mild, and sweet aromatics, and found myself longing for something with a stronger flavor. This does the trick while still having a bit of sweetness and that ever popular room note. This is a good aromatic for people who like to taste a good tobacco in there along with the sweet flavors.

Moontrance pipe tobacco really is just an all around good pipe tobacco. It has a bit of everything. It has a great room note, it packs and smokes nice, it has some great, sweet flavors, and some rich tobacco flavors. If you are looking for a good “anytime” smoke, this is it.