Spending Money the Classy way

If you watch a lot of TV, you may be led to believe spending money on rims, and bling will make you cool. This is a trap. These things are promoted to make you waste your money. The true classy man knows what to spend his money on, and I am going to clue you in so you can enjoy life, and keep it classy.


Buying quality products should be a no brainier, but sometimes value gets the best of us. The truth is, in the long run, quality is a better value then bargain. For example, a good Damascus knife will set you back a pretty penny, but it will not break, it will not go dull nearly as fast, and you won’t need to replace it. Other examples of products where quality will be the better value are watches. A good Rolex, or Omega watch will be a far better investment then a $50 watch.


You can’t put a price on comfort. Whether you are talking about clothes, furniture, or a car. Being comfortable changes your whole life. If you are on you feet all day, splurge on a great pair of shoes. If you are at a desk, spend twice as much on a good chair. Always have a comfortable bed, no matter the cost. If you are not comfortable, you will lose motivation, and drive. Your clients or business partners will pick up on the subtle clues of your lack of comfort, and you will be less successful. Comfort is key, and anything you spend on your own comfort will come back to you.

Loved Ones

For far to long I took my loved ones for granted. I put them second place to my career. I lied to myself, and said I was putting in the extra hours so I could provide better. “We can take that dream vacation next year” I would say. But then my wife passed away, and I realized that I will never have the chance to lie with her on the beaches of Fiji. Don’t make that mistake. Book your dream vacation today.


Our lasting legacy will be in the good that we have done for others. Now I am not suggesting you should go hand out $20 to every panhandler you see. I am suggesting you take some time to find an honest, reputable, and good charity that shares your ideals and morals, and give to them. I am not even going to suggest one. You need to find one that follows your beliefs. Making the world a better place benefits you also. You live here with the rest of us.