Classy Jewelry: at a discount

Since the dawn of time, the classy have adorned themselves, and their loved ones in precious metals, and stones. King Tut had some awesome jewelry, and so should you.

R-CROWN-PDBK-RG_grandeYou should almost always have jewelry on. There are very few cases where I would suggest not wearing. Take, for instance, ocean swimming. Sharks and other predators may mistake the glint of sunshine reflecting off of your jewelry as the scales of a small fish (or as they like to call it: snack). But in most situations, wearing jewelry is advised. If you are planning a vacation (especially overseas), wear extra jewelry. Precious metals and gemstones are valuable everywhere. If something happens, and you can’t access your bank, or withdraw money, you will always be able to sell some jewelry. I have always said jewelry is a must. It accents a look, showcases a style, and lets others know you are the real deal. And because of that, cheap crap jewelry will not do.

Add to these reasons the fact that women swoon when you give them jewelry, and it is no surprise that jewelry is the top of my list for gifts to give your significant other. As I’ve said before, cheap crap jewelry will not do. But well designed, classy jewelry tends to be… expensive. But if you are smart, and keep an eye out, you can find top quality jewelry by top quality designers at discounted prices.

CN-OSS-PD-Angel WingsSuch is the case with world renowned jeweler Renee Sheppard. Although her stunning designs are mostly found in high end boutiques, or adorning high profile celebrities, Renee Sheppard has just updated her online store with some great discounts on some stunning pieces. The top of the collection, in my opinion, is the sterling silver and black pave diamond crown ring with 14k rose gold center band. I know her designs are supposed to be for women, but this gothic inspired ring is so stunning, I would wear it. Another stunning piece to check out is the angel wings pendant necklace. Currently at $1,000 off retail price, this is a piece to get.

If you are a fan of the Johnny Depp “rocker” style, then the yellow gold and pave diamond gothic cross post earrings are a reasonably priced pair of earrings that will look great.

Whatever style you are into, Renee Sheppard’s jewelry is high quality with a classy edge. Design like this is rare, and sure to set off your style. If these pieces of jewelry don’t get you where you want to go, nothing will.