Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce | Review

Sutliff tobacco molto dolceMolto Dolce from Sutliff Tobacco is an aromatic blend with sweet Virginia’s, mellow Burley’s, and black Cavendish flavored with vanilla, caramel, and honey.

I like vanilla. However, I have yet to find a tobacco labeled vanilla that actually has a good vanilla flavor. Molto Dolce is no exception to that rule. I really didn’t get much vanilla anywhere in this tobacco. What I did get, was honey. Now I really like honey. I use honey in place of sugar in almost everything. I use honey when I bake, I put honey in my coffee… I really like honey. The honey flavor in Molto Dolce isn’t some cheap grocery store honey either. It is a rich, tangy honey. It is almost like a honey comb. Maybe it is the sweet, buttery flavors of the caramel mixing with the honey that gives it that richness. Whatever the case, if you like honey, Molto Dolce is for you.

The tin note of the Molto Dolce has a very earthy, old world baked goods vibe to it. It smells like a rich, Italian sweet bread. The room note really puts the honey front and center, and the lingering aroma’s are mostly honey with a bit of caramel. You can smell this wonderful honey caramel frangrencs on your clothes for a while after you smoke a bowl of Sutliff’s Molto Dolce.

Molto Dolce pipe tobacco reviewThe flavor of the Molto Dolce is strong, sweet, and pleasant. I have reviewed Maple Street (also by Sutliff Tobacco) and they both have a very pronounced, sweet flavor. I have tried some other aromatics recently that were supposed to be very sweet, and they seemed far to subtle to me. The flavor just didn’t come through. But that isn’t the case with the Sutliff Private Stock blends that I have tried. Now, this could be because I have been enjoying English blends a lot recently, and they have a very strong flavor. That may have deadened my palate to some of the more subtle aromatic blends. But the flavor in both the Molto Dolce, and Maple Street come through bright and strong.

If you are like me, and enjoy English blends, but still smoke the occasional aromatic, The Sutliff Private Stock blends should be high on your list to try. They are without a doubt sweet, flavorful aromatics. They will taste great, and draw attention.