Networking at a Car Show

If you browsed the contents of this site, then I am sure you would have noticed my appreciation of Classic Exotic cars. I prefer the 2 door convertible type, but any classic exotic is beautiful.

The benefits of owning a classic

morgans-at-car-showOwning a classic puts you into a small group of like minded people with the funds to maintain a classic car. The costs may not be high, depending on the car, but there is a cost. I own an old Morgan. It is not a practical car. It doesn’t have door locks, the convertible top snaps on with buttons and hardly provides any protection from rain, and it isn’t easy to climb in and out of. These issues require me to own a separate “daily driver”. For those reasons, if finances were an issue, I would get a different car. Keeping the Morgan is a sign that finances are not an issue for me. In my article about perceived value, I explain how a show of financial freedom shows perspective business partners, clients or employers that you have a high value, and are therefore worth more to them.

Business at a Car Show

mermorial-day-car-show-14One of the other benefits of owning a classic car is that you can take it to car shows. While there, you have a showpiece that will introduce you to other classic car owners. These aficionados are also people with the financial stability to own an impractical second car. Your shared interest in classic cars will help create a quick comradery that can be advantageous in future business dealings. You will always get better service, and are less likely to get ripped off doing business with someone you know.

I recently moved to a new area. The other week, I saw there was a car show nearby. I took my Morgan to the car show, and had al sorts of people come by to talk to me. Mine was the only Morgan at the show, but guys that owned Jaguars, Triumphs and MGs came by to tell me about their car clubs, other people came by to tell me about different local car events, Mechanics came by to check out my engine. All in all, I met some really great people, got some tips on good places to go, and my standing in the community went up a couple notches. I am no longer the strange outsider… I am now the Morgan guy.