Intelligence is Classy: Flaunt Your Brains with Your Bookshelf

Intelligence is a good thing. I am not saying you have to know everything about everything, but you should have a basic understanding of things that affect your life. In todays age of e-readers, kindles, and ibooks, some may not think having a stocked bookshelf is necessary. I disagree. Some books just don’t translate well to a screen, and sometimes it is necessary to just unplug and spend some time with a good book. Another benefit of having a stocked bookshelf is it lets your guests and visitors see that you have something going on inside that head of yours.

Considering you are going to showcase your knowledge with your bookshelf, it is recommended to have more intellectual fare then the latest NY Times bestseller, Star Trek Fan Fic, or Dan Brown novel (although you can dedicate a shelf to your favorite fiction). Below, I will go over a few categories of books for smart people that you should have (and read) on your bookshelf. I will also give a few examples of what I consider must have books from each type.


bauhaus-bookDesign permeates our lives. It is what sets elite manufacturers like Apple, Aston Martin and others apart from lesser brands. It is seen in architecture, and furniture, smart phones and luggage. Knowing the design philosophies of the brands you buy will allow you to stick with a design and have continuity amongst your possessions. This is key to being classy.

Bauhaus – by Jeannine Fiedler. Bauhaus is a prominent design theory that changed the face of design. The core of Bauhaus can be seen today in Apple products and software. Later architectural, and furniture styles grew from Bauhaus including Post-Modern.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of the simplistic nature of Bauhaus, and have often said that Bauhaus is design for people without artistic talent. However, that doesn’t change the impact or importance this style has had on our modern world.

Art Deco 1910-1939 – by Charlotte Benton, Tim Benton, Ghislaine Wood. Art Deco is the most elegant design form of the 20th century. The iconic architecture of cities like New York and Los Angeles teem with Deco design cues. The glitz, glamor, and class of the roaring 20’s are deeply entwined in Art Deco and showcase the class of this style in their buildings, automobiles, furniture, and jewelry.

Gothic. Architecture, Sculpture, Painting – by Achim Bednorz. The Gothic style may be the pinnacle of old world design. Using advanced mathematics, and elaborate decoration, this design style is as stunning now as it was when it first burst onto the scene in the 1300’s.