The Best Craft Beers Make having a Brew Classy

the best craft beersThe Classy Way to Have a Beer

For many of us, beer has been a right of passage. From stealing cans of dads Pabst Blue Ribbon, to saving up for a keg of Coors for the high school party, to paying someone’s older brother to get us a case of Budweiser in hopes we could get our girlfriend drunk enough to put out, to buying our first legal bottle of Bush at a bar when we reached 21, Beer helped us grow up. Even today, sometimes nothing beats a cold crisp beer.

In Comes the Craft Beer

Over the past several years, Craft Beers, and micro breweries have started to really take hold in America. The variety has spread across the store shelves filling our once simple choices with strange names like IPA, Stout, and Pale Ale. Confusing the once simple beer selection process. But fear not dear friend. Better beer selection is nothing to be afraid of. Not only does it allow you to find a flavor that is best for you, it also elevates beer to a classy drink.

Now I’m not suggesting you give up you tried and true favorite macro brew beer, on the contrary… If you are having a bunch of friends over to watch the game, then a case of Shlitz might be the best thing to get. However, If you are someplace where drinking wine is normally the way to go, having a craft beer is an acceptable alternative.

For instance, If you are going to a small dinner party with friends or co-workers, showing up with a 6 or 12 pack (depending on how many people will be attending) of craft beer is just as classy as showing up with a bottle of Merlot . Having poker night with a small group of friends? Having everyone bring a 6 pack of their favorite micro brew, and then sharing and comparing can also be a fun and classy night.

What is the Best Craft Beers to Choose?

craft-beerOk, so we all agree that Micro Brewed Beers are cool. But how do you choose the best craft beer for you? Well that is the best part! Considering all of our tastes are different, the only real way to find out what specialty beer is best for you, is to try a lot of them until you find ones you like! There are also plenty of websites out there that are devoted to micro brews and craft beer. You can check out a site like The Beer Man Show and read reviews and watch videos to see what beers might fit your palate, but you will still need to try a lot of them, and experiment.

So next time you are out at your local watering hole, don’t be afraid to try an India Pale Ale, or a Stout. You will look classy drinking them, and they ladies will adore you. So leave the Macro brews for game night, and enjoy something different.