Robotic Bartender For Your Home. Now That’s Classy

Recently, we talked about the 5 must have gadgets for your kitchen. Well, someone recently brought to my attention something that should have made the list. The Somabar. Let’s face it. We all need a good cocktail to wind down after a hard day of work, However the bar scene is for children. Most of us know how to make our own favorite cocktails, but we aren’t mixologists. When entertaining we often end up stumbling around on our phone trying to look up how to make whatever it is our guests want to drink. The Somabar fixes that.

somabarWhat is the Somabar?

The Somabar is an Wi-Fi app controlled automated bartending appliance for the home kitchen. It has 6 “pods” that you fill with your favorite mixers, and a separate pod for bitters. Using an app, you choose the drink you want made, and it grabs the needed mixers from the pods and makes you the perfect cocktail. No need to worry about over or under pouring, no need to remember if it is shaken or stirred. Order the drink while you walk up to your front door, and it is waiting for you by the time you make it to the kitchen.

The Somabar started out as a Kickstarter project. It quickly received over $300,000 towards its goal of $50,000. And no wonder. Who wouldn’t want a robotic bartender in their kitchen.

The software and the app work together to monitor the machine as well as mix your drinks. The app can make drink suggestions based on the ingredients you have, make recommendations based on your preferences, and adjust the strength of your cocktails based on your mood. The app will also let you know when one of the pods is running low so that you will never run out of mixers.

The Somabar is easy to clean and comes in 5 colors to make sure it matches your kitchen décor.