The Internet of Things: How to Make Your Home a Classy Shag Pad

Connected Security

the-internet-of-things-connected-doorbellI have been a bit wary of connected door locks. The simple truth is, if something is connected, it is hackable. If your door can be unlocked by your phone, it can be unlocked by someone else’s phone. However, if you use a smart lock like the Kwikset Kevo, or August Smart Lock in conjunction with other smart home devices, the risks are mitigated. For instance, If you use a smart security camera like the Canary, or Withings Home, or a smart door bell like the Skybell or Ring, Someone may be able to unlock your door, but you will get an instant notification when they enter your home, and have video of them inside.

What makes these devices worthy of a Classy pad is you don’t actually have to go to your door to let your date in. You can be in the kitchen cooking, in the bathroom, or out back by the pool and unlock your door from your app.