Pyrat Rum XO Reserve – A Fine Rum for the Discerning Palate

pyrat-rum-2Rum is more then a hard alcohol. Rum is a mindset. A drink of the Pirates. A drink of those who seek fortune and forge their own way to get it.

Rum is made from the distillation of sugar cane. The Sugar Cane plantations in the Caribbean during the 1600’s gave rise to the abundance of this wondrous intoxicant, and favorite of the less then scrupulous Privateers.

Pyrat Rum XO Reserve is a carefully selected blend of many fine aged Caribbean rums. It is bottled in Guyana, and imported to America by the world renowned Patron company.

pyrat-rum-10Pyrate Rum XO Reserve has a rich amber color, and an oak wood aroma. It tastes like a spiced rum, but much smoother then your garden variety spiced rum. Trying it in a traditional “Rum & Cola” type drink it tastes more like a spiced rum flavored cola than an actual mixed drink. The harshness of the alcohol is not present. Just the smooth flavors of the Oak, Vanilla, and a touch of citrus. Pyrate Rum XO Reserve almost seems wasted in a mixed drink though, and over ice with lemon twist or in a shot may be the best way to enjoy this premium Caribbean delight. Drunken straight, the taste is divine. It is definitely a spiced rum, but much smoother then you are likely used to.

Pyrate Rum XO Reserve is presented in a beautiful, stout, corked bottle. It is sure to impress when the occasion arises. This is a Rum to keep in your home bar to be shared with the right guests. A Rum to remind you that some hard work, and devious planning will lead your road to success. A true Rum for the discerning Pirate. Yo Ho Ho my boys… It is time to capture some booty.